Jessica, pictured below, was diagnosed with Adamantinoma at just nine years old and is helping us raise awareness of primary bone cancer during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month this September.

This was Jessica in hospital following surgery. Read Jessica's full story here

Primary bone cancer can affect people of all ages. The form of Adamantinoma Jessica was diagnosed with is most commonly found in people under the age of 20. Malignant bone tumours, such as osteosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma and Adamantinoma account for 4% of all childhood cancers and have one of the worst survival rates.

During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we aim to highlight the impact primary bone cancer has on young people and their families and during September we will be sharing stories, like Jessica's, from children that want to help us raise awareness of childhood cancer.

Simple ways you can get involved

Watch and share our short video Do you know the symptoms of bone cancer? below now:

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Share your story with us and online using the hashtag #ChildhoodCancer and tag us @BCRT

Download and share our information materials. These include dedicated resources such Harry Has An Operation and Teenager Guides.

Raise awareness locally, at school or in your community by requesting one of our free awareness packs.

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Become a #TeamBones Stamp Champ for your school or college

Through our Stamp Appeal you can turn lots of post into money that will help support our vital work and help save lives! Get pupils, parents, teachers and all the school saving their stamps and we can turn them into funds for our life-saving work.

Find out how you and your school can get involved during Childhood Cancer Awareness this September below.

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