This April, Alex's dad Andy has launched a heartfelt appeal in memory of his son to raise vital funds for our life saving work.

Alex, was diagnosed with bone cancer when we was 17 years old. Watch a moving documentary made about Alex's life below:

Alex had been suffering from pain in his arm for several months. He played a lot of tennis and football, so it was easy to imagine he had pulled some muscles. But the pain did not go away.

By the time he was diagnosed, the cancer had already spread to his lungs. He underwent intense chemotherapy and then a bone in his arm was replaced with a metal prosthesis. Despite further surgery and radiotherapy the tumours continued to spread.

Alex's bright future was literally ripped away from him just before his 18th birthday. But despite all his treatment, his extraordinary positivity, humour and love shone out from every part of him. In fact, he was more concerned about the effect his illness would have on all his family and friends… he really was that selfless.

Losing a child is completely devastating. It invades every aspect of your life and of those around you.

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Alex’s life was cut short, passing away just 5 days after his wedding to his lovely girlfriend Ali, and with so much to live for. Let’s give our children and young people a better chance to beat this cruel and devastating disease, because if we don’t, too many will lose their fight.

I hope you can find it in your heart to support our cause today, on behalf of families like my own and of course, Alex, thank you.

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Every 10 minutes, somewhere a child, a teenager like Alex or an adult is diagnosed with primary bone cancer, that’s 144 people every single day. Sadly as it stands their treatment options are brutal and chances of survival are extremely limited, a 50% chance simply isn’t acceptable.

In recent years the Bone Cancer Research Trust have been successful in encouraging more researchers to explore primary bone cancer and we have been able to fund more research projects than ever before - but critically our income has fallen.

This needs to change and we must secure additional funding urgently so that we can continue our current research and launch new projects to explore desperately needed new treatments! Right now, we’re receiving more applications for research projects than we are able to fund. This means that potentially lifesaving research is being left unexplored.

Despite the fact we receive no government funding, the amazing efforts of our supporters so far have enabled us to fund more research projects in this field than any other organisation. And, at the heart of everything we do is our determination to find a cure. With the support of people like you, that day will come sooner and we will save lives.

On the first anniversary of losing Alex, his dad Andy found these 'top tips' on his laptop. Alex started to write 10 but we think he realised he had said all he needed to in 7. They are very special to Alex's family and they'd like to share them with you...

Make a difference today, please donate to Alex's Appeal now and help to save lives.

Donate to Alex's Appeal

Alex's Appeal is part of #TheBiggestFight Against Bone Cancer - Ever!

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