Our plan encapsulates our values and sets a framework for change that will drive significant improvements for patients and their families, ultimately resulting in more patients surviving and more patients thriving.

Access our full strategy document here.

Our 2022-2032 strategy places our patients upfront and central across three strategic foundations:

  • Research
  • Awareness
  • Support & Information

Our aims & objectives

  1. We will deliver a new and flexible Grant Programme that will support research focused on every form of primary bone cancer and tumour and facilitate the development of new clinical trials, committing £10 million to life-saving research over the next 10 years.
  2. We will put patients at the heart of our research through our Patient & Public Involvement Panel. Their voice will inform all our decision making.
  3. We will ensure all patients can contribute to research through sample donation and participation in clinical trials and biological studies.
  4. We will bring all aspects of current primary bone cancer research together, harnessing data, technology, and skills to combine efforts and understanding to accelerate progress.
  5. We will facilitate and promote collaborative working, enabling consortia, stimulating partnerships, and bridging skills gaps.
  6. We will continue to support the development of the next generation of world class, primary bone cancer researchers.
  7. We will ensure all forms of primary bone cancer and tumour are represented in research, regardless of rarity.

  1. We will take an evidence-based approach to develop guidelines and change standards of care in the UK.
  2. We will align our efforts to the National Health Service (NHS) Long Term Plan, reinforcing their ambition to have more patients diagnosed at stages I and II. Our campaign messaging will educate the public and healthcare professionals specifically on the signs and symptoms of primary bone cancer.
  3. We will adopt a multi-stakeholder approach to educating healthcare professionals.
  4. We will embed a GP-led programme of education and continual training across the UK.
  5. We will harness the power of our community and the media to share lived experiences of primary bone cancer, increasing public understanding and knowledge.

  1. We will complete a national audit to understand current care and support provisions available for patients through the NHS and other patient organisations to promote equity of care and reduce gaps and differences in services.
  2. We will develop and maintain a comprehensive support and information directory for all those affected by primary bone cancer.
  3. We will become the authoritative voice for primary bone cancer statistics and information.
  4. We will ensure our Support & Information Service meets the needs and is accessible to all those affected by primary bone cancer regardless of community, background, spoken language or age.
  5. We will foster collaborative relationships with healthcare professionals to ensure all patients and their families know how to access our Support & Information Service.
  6. We will provide greater financial support for patients as they face the increased costs associated with a primary bone cancer diagnosis.
  7. We will deliver a programme of dedicated events to provide face-to-face and virtual-based support to our community.

Access our full strategy document here.