The 2020 Patient Survey report is the most comprehensive analysis of presenting symptoms and routes to diagnosis for primary bone cancers & tumours in the UK to date.

The 2020 Patient Survey report is an in-depth analysis of a patient survey which was launched in July 2020 as part of the Bone Cancer Awareness Initiative, a collaborative project between the Bone Cancer Research Trust and Children with Cancer UK. The survey collected 739 responses from inside the UK (312) and outside the UK (426) and includes representation of every form of primary bone cancer and tumour.

The report focuses on two main areas:

  1. The time and routes to diagnosis
  2. The range of presenting symptoms across all anatomical locations and forms of primary bone cancer & tumour

Our analysis found that patients wait, on average, more than 7 months and make 8 visits to multiple healthcare professionals before receiving an accurate diagnosis.

The 2020 Patient Survey is a comprehensive evidence base on which we will focus our awareness objectives moving forward. Download and read the report now:

Online version

Print version

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