Anyone suspected of having a bone sarcoma should be referred for a plain x-ray via 2 week wait (adults) and within 48 hours (children and young people).

If the x-ray is suspicious, a referral to a specialist Bone Cancer Centre should be made again, via 2 week wait (adults) or 48 hours (children and young people).

If the x-ray is clear and symptoms persist, referral for further imaging, including MRI should be made.

Further details can be found in the 2015 NICE guidelines: Bone and soft tissue sarcoma - recognition and referral

Specialist Bone Cancer Centres

There are specialist Bone Cancer Centres around the UK and Ireland:


There are five Centres in England:

Links to referral processes are attached.


There are no specialist Centres in Wales, patients in Wales travel to Oswestry or Birmingham Centres.


There are three Centres in Scotland:

  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Aberdeen

More details regarding referrals in Scotland can be found on the Scottish Sarcoma Network website

Republic of Ireland

There are no specific Bone Cancer Centres in the Republic of Ireland. Patients are referred to specialist hospitals in Dublin or Cork for further tests or treatment

Northern Ireland

  • Patients are seen in Belfast.

Please view our PDF file here for a full list of all the Centres or specialist hospitals in the UK and Ireland.

If you require more information on the specialist Bone Cancer Centres in the UK and Ireland please contact us.