The Bone Cancer Research Trust and Sarcoma UK have joined with Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to support The National Sarcoma Awareness Project. This initiative is aimed at educating final year medical students and postgraduate doctors about sarcoma, ensuring they are equipped with the skills to spot these cancers and understand how they are managed.

We know that medical students continue to receive limited education on sarcoma during their degree and have limited exposure to sarcoma patients, which means that our doctors of the future may not understand the red flag symptoms, referral pathways and how the care of these patients is managed. It also means that limited young doctors will choose to specialise in this area of oncology.

To address this, and improve the diagnostic experience for future patients, the Bone Cancer Research Trust and Sarcoma UK have come together to support The National Sarcoma Awareness Project, a project which has been led for many years by Mr Chandrasekar, a Consultant Orthopaedic Oncology Surgeon at Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The Bone Cancer Research Trust and Sarcoma UK are united in their mission to improve the time to diagnosis for sarcoma patients. Both charities hear all too often of patients seeking medical advice for many months, sometimes years, before receiving an accurate diagnosis, with many bouncing between different healthcare professionals.

By undertaking this voluntary module, you may be able to prevent future patients from needing radical, life-altering surgery, or presenting to specialist sarcoma centres when their disease is already advanced. Our patients depend on future doctor knowing more about sarcoma to give them the best chance of surviving.

To access this course, please contact the Sarcoma Awareness Project Team, after which you will receive learning resources in a range of formats and will provided with a questionnaire to complete.

Sarcoma Awareness Flyer 2022 v2.png

Certificates of completion will be sent to all those who complete the questionnaire and a fellowship at a sarcoma specialist centre will be offered to the top scoring students.