In 2016 our focus for Bone Cancer Awareness Week was on the rarer forms of primary bone cancer and non-cancerous tumours that arise in the bone.

β€œIt is great you are in the process of putting the information together for these lesser known tumours because since my diagnosis I have really struggled to find anything to read for some help and support on what it all means. Because it's so rare most of what is online are doctor studies on the subject and they aren't easy to understand as a 'normal' person.”

Toni Mulvaney, recently diagnosed with Giant Cell Tumour of the Bone.

What did we do?

  • We launched brand-new information dedicated to these types, which include Adamantinoma, Spindle Cell Sarcoma of the bone, Chordoma, Angiosarcoma of the bone, Ameloblastoma and Giant Cell Tumour of the bone
  • Our detailed information, developed with guidance from both patients and healthcare professionals, is now available for the first time ever as leaflets and factsheets alongside an in-depth detail of these tumours on our webpage – in the same manner that the main forms of primary bone cancer are represented
  • We are passionate about making information available for anybody diagnosed with primary bone cancer - no matter the rarity of their tumour. For some of these tumours, this information is the first of its kind available for patients

How can you continue to help raise #BoneCancerAwareness?