76% of primary bone cancer cases in the UK are misdiagnosed. 14% of all cases are in the head and jaw. During Bone Cancer Awareness Week (11 - 17 Oct), we are holding two FREE webinars, specifically designed to increase understanding and knowledge of the signs and symptoms of primary bone cancers and tumours in the head and jaw.

Our recent study showed that 70% of all patients diagnosed with bone tumours in the jaw visited the dentist when first seeking medical attention for their symptoms. However, only 23% of them were referred for diagnosis and treatment by a dentist. On average, patients with tumours in the jaw visited a medical professional 7 times before a diagnosis was made. 46% of these patients waited more than 6 months for a diagnosis.

You could help improve this situation by attending our free webinars. These webinars will provide attendees with knowledge on the presenting symptoms and referral pathways for primary bone cancers and tumours.

Webinar 1: Dentists, Dental Healthcare Professionals and Dental Students

Wednesday 13th October 7:30-8:30pm with Dr Jo Wilson and in collaboration with Portman Dental Care. You'll receive verifiable CPD worth 1 CPD for the hour.

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Webinar 2: GPs and Medical Students

Thursday 14th October 7-8pm with Dr Phil Green.

If you are unable to attend the webinar due to the time / date. Please still register and a recording will be shared with you via email after the event.

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