July is #SarcomaAwareness Month and is a perfect opportunity to raise vital awareness and funds for bone sarcomas (primary bone cancer). This July we're also celebrating 15 years of research - all made possible because of the wonderful support from the bone cancer community!

Phoebe, pictured above, was diagnosed in November 2020 with osteosarcoma, she was just 12-years-old. Even though Phoebe is currently undergoing treatment, she is determined to help us raise awareness of the disease. That's why, this July, she is the face of our 2021 #SarcomaAwareness Month campaign. Read her incredible story of strength, determination and resilience now by clicking here.

Educate yourself this July...

Primary bone cancers, or bone sarcomas, are cancers that originate in a cell found in the bone. They can develop in any bone in the body, though over a third of cases (34%) are found in the long bones of the lower body - such as the thigh (femur) or shin bone (tibia). There are several types of bone sarcoma / primary bone cancer, below are links to find out more about each form. The most common are:

There are also several less common forms of tumours that arise in the bone, these are:

Symptoms to look out for...

Symptoms of primary bone cancer can be very general and often appear similar to the symptoms of sports injuries, growing pains or many other common conditions such as tendonitis or arthritis. They may also vary depending on the location and the size of the tumour. See our symptoms graphic below for more information.

If you are concerned about symptoms, always seek medical advice from your doctor or GP. For more information, please call our Support & Information Line on 0800 111 4855 (Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm).

Celebrate with us...

We are delighted to share our new report with you, 15 Years of Research - Working Towards a Cure, which showcases our research impact over the last 15 years! The report really does demonstrate how, in the last 15 years, your support has enabled us to revolutionise the primary bone cancer research landscape and the difference this has gone on to make for patients.

Read the full report here.

Get involved...

Go orange with us this #SarcomaAwareness Month!

On July 14th for #OrangeWednesday, we saw lots of orange hair and nails, a day of only eating orange food and workplaces far and wide turning bright orange for the day!

You certainly got creative, and it was such a HUGE success; you really did raise lots of awareness and funds and we can't thank you all enough.

Did you miss #OrangeWednesday? Don't worry... choose your own date in July and go orange to support our life-saving work this #SarcomaAwareness Month. Sign up today for your free fundraising pack.

Go orange

Want some #TeamBones orange clothing? Don't miss out on getting yourself, or a loved one, some fabulous orange pieces whilst helping to raise vital awareness and life-saving funds! Shop now.

Take on a month-long challenge

Want something more challenging this #SarcomaAwareness Month? Sign up to one of our new and exciting month-long challenges. Start your training, fundraising and raising awareness in July then smash your challenge in August.

Whether you’re a runner, gym go-er or new to fitness, there is something for everyone. Walk or run 100 Miles or take on 5000 Mountain Climbers in August and have the chance to bag yourself a free #TeamBones t-shirt to raise #SarcomaAwareness, PLUS you'll get yourself an awesome medal at the end! Whichever challenge you choose, you'll be making a huge difference to those affected by primary bone cancer. Choose your challenge and sign up below now.

Mountain Climbers

100 Miles in August

Help educate others...

As always we will be sharing lots of posts, stories, news and announcements through #SarcomaAwareness month. Help educate others and spread the word:

  • Download and share our symptoms graphic
  • Share your own experience of bone sarcoma / primary bone cancer with friends and family on social media using the hashtag #SarcomaAwareness
  • Apply our free #SarcomaAwareness Month Facebook Frame
  • Ask friends to visit this webpage to educate themselves on bone sarcoma / primary bone cancer
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