Do you want to be involved in a project which aims to improve time to diagnosis? We want to educate the next generation of GPs and medical professionals, and that’s where we need your help!

As part of an ongoing collaboration with The University of Sheffield, their medical students would like to engage with primary bone cancer patients to understand their experiences of receiving a diagnosis. This will provide an opportunity for the students to identify knowledge gaps about primary bone cancer in the medical curriculum and produce learning resources that will be shared with other medical students.

It is only by understanding your diagnosis journey, that together, we can truly make a difference. If you are a patient, former patient or relative of a patient who received their diagnosis in the UK and over the age of 16, please help make a difference by signing up below.

You will be contacted by a medical student and interviewed at a time conventient to you between 4th and 18th October 2021.

This project has been given a favourable ethics opinion by The University of Sheffield Ethics Committee.

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