Bake it or fake it, sweet or savoury...

It's up to you! Get together with your friends, have a bake-off with colleagues or raise some dough at school - enjoy some tasty treats and help save lives!

Our free fun-filled Bake It For Bone Cancer pack has everything you need to have a tea-riffic time...

  • Fun stickers - including that all important ⭐ Baker sticker!
  • Tasty #TeamBones recipes, bright bun wrappers and 'Bake It' yourself bunting
  • A money box for all the dough
  • Fun games, including; Pin the bone on the skeleton, Guess the sweets in the Jar and colouring sheets
  • A nice big poster to advertise your event (and a thank you one for afterwards too!)
  • A lead baker #TeamBones t-shirt

...Plus we'll give you all the support you need! The icing on the cake is that you're helping to save lives!

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