Collect your coins in one of our free money boxes and help fund an hour of research to bring us closer to a cure!

One box of coins = 1 hour of research!

Our cardboard money boxes are perfectly sized to store £30 worth of coins - that's enough to pay for 1 hour of our vital research into primary bone cancer. Request your free money box below now and use your coins to help save lives and find a cure for this devastating disease.

Top tips for filling your box

There are so many ways that you can make small changes to your daily routine and save some pennies (or even pounds!) to help fill your box, why not try...

  • Giving your daily/weekly visit to the frothy coffee shop a miss, make a brew at home instead and donate the difference
  • Save yourself the hangover and go without that extra drink at the pub
  • Take your reusable shopping bag to the supermarket and put the 10p you would have spent on a plastic one into your money box
  • Skip taking the bus for one day a week, choose to walk or cycle instead, enjoying the fresh air and feel good donating your usual fare to a good cause
  • Pack your own lunches for school or work, you'll be surprised how much you save when not going to the shop everyday
  • Do you have a gym membership but never go? Save yourself the daily guilt trip, cancel your membership and donate your monthly fee instead!
  • Save a few pennies and get your hands dirty - spruce up your own car rather than visiting your local car wash
  • Order one less dish for your Saturday night takeaway, save yourself the calories and feel better putting the money towards something worthwhile
  • Wait until the newest blockbuster is released on DVD and donate the money you would have spent on your cinema trip instead
  • Do you have the mouth of a sailor? Set up a swear jar at home, work or school - watch what you say or watch your box filling up!

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