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Our chordoma research

Over the years our research into chordoma has focused on many different aspects, including the first epigentetic study of chordoma lead by Professor Farida Latif. This important project revealed further insight into the molecular pathways playing important roles in chordoma development and identified biomarkers that may have both diagnostic and prognostic potential to improve outcomes for chordoma patients. This project was an extension to research previously funded by the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

More chordoma research is desperately needed and your sponsorship will enable us to grow research in this area. You can read more about our other chordoma projects that your sponsorship will help support here.

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From just £5 a month, you will provide our chordoma researchers with consistent funding to fuel their work, providing them with vital equipment, materials and essential laboratory time. Your monthly support will ensure we can commit to chordoma research projects and see potential new treatments through to clinical trial. We will send you regular progress reports and promise to keep you up to date on all our latest exciting developments. We’ll even invite you to lab open days so you can see how your sponsorship is helping and you’ll get to meet our researchers.

By becoming a chordoma Research Sponsor, 100% of your sponsorship will go to our chordoma research and will be used on the chordoma projects where the need is greatest.

*In the event that we do not have a current chordoma research project, we will direct your sponsorship to projects aimed at all primary bone cancers where there is a direct benefit to chordoma patients.