Since 2006, the Bone Cancer Research Trust has been at the forefront of the fight against primary bone cancer. Thanks to public donations, over the past 15 years we’ve funded over 300 researchers from 204 academic institutions and hospitals around the UK, and more recently internationally.

Primary bone cancer is not a priority for the major UK cancer research charities. Despite having some of the most brutal treatment regimes and poorest of outcomes, their already low investment has dropped even further in recent years to a mere 0.02% of their research spend, not even close to 1%!

Bone cancer patients and their families deserve better. They are relying on us to provide them with hope for the future – which we can only do with your help!

Patients like Cody, who was diagnosed with bone cancer when he was just 8-years-old and suffered over a year of gruelling chemotherapy and multiple operations, desperately need new kinder treatments. No child at Cody’s age should have to face cancer.

Every 10 minutes, another child like Cody, teenager or adult is diagnosed with this cruel disease, please give them hope and the best chance of life by supporting our life-saving research today by becoming a Research Sponsor for just £5 a month.

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If you would like to sponsor research into a specific form of primary bone cancer, please click here.

Sponsor half an hour of research

Just £15 will provide a researcher with the materials, equipment and laboratory time necessary to conduct pioneering research for half an hour. In this time, our researchers can conduct numerous experiments bringing them closer to potential new treatments.

Sponsor half an hour

Why become a monthly Research Sponsor?

From just £5 a month, you will provide researchers with consistent funding to fuel their work, providing them with vital equipment, materials and essential laboratory time. Your monthly support will ensure we can commit to long term research projects and see potential new treatments through to clinical trial. We will send you regular progress reports and promise to keep you up to date on all our latest exciting developments.

By becoming a Research Sponsor, 100% of your sponsorship will go to our research and will be used on the projects where the need is greatest.