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Meet Luke

Luke is one of our many osteosarcoma researchers that your sponsorship will support. After graduating from university with a First Class Honours degree in Biomedical Science Luke joined The Mellanby Centre for Bone Research at The University of Sheffield Medical School to carry out his PhD under the supervision of Professor Alison Gartland and Dr Michelle Lawson.

About Luke's research

Previous research has identified a molecule known as a P2X7R to be a promising treatment target in various cancer forms and scientists have identified that using drugs that target P2X7R in other cancers can dramatically reduced the tumours growth.

Upon learning that this molecule was found in high amounts in osteosarcoma cells Luke wanted to research P2X7R in osteosarcoma specifically. For this reason, his PhD focuses on learning more on the role of the P2X7R molecule and how this molecule affects the behaviour, growth and progression of an osteosarcoma tumour. Identifying this will provide evidence to whether a drug targeting the P2X7R molecule could be developed into a new treatment for osteosarcoma.

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A message from Luke

Only with the support of people like you can my colleagues and I continue our much needed research into this devastating disease. Please become a sponsor today and help save lives through research

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