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Our brother, Al, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 2005, whilst in year 9 at school. His twin brother Patrick had suffered with identical ‘sympathy pains’. After months of pulling out of cross country races and first team rugby matches, they were both sent for the same knee scans and blood tests. Al received the devastating diagnosis. Pat’s pains disappeared.

In 2006, after 1 year of gruelling chemotherapy and limb saving prosthetic surgery, we celebrated Al’s ‘post chemo bash’.

Just 5 months later, in May 2007, we received the news that Al’s cancer had returned. It had spread to his lungs. He endured more surgery and radiotherapy but the cancer continued to spread, to his ribs, jaw, spine and feet.

Al didn’t lose a battle with cancer - it was never a fight he could win. He was courageous, mature and brave. He fought the disease with every ounce of strength he had. Despite being told there was no further treatment they could offer, Al made sure the medics knew he’d be willing to try anything, had there been new medical advances. As a family, we continued living our lives as normally as we could - Al didn’t want us to be down and dreary. He continued to attend school full time, although he did squeeze in some cheeky naps and pain relief breaks in matron’s office! He was too weak to type up his AS coursework, but 3 days before he died, he managed to dictate his work to us so it wouldn’t be submitted late!

On 7th November 2007, he passed away at home surrounded by his closest friends and family. Over 600 people attended his funeral. Friends were spilling out onto the street - evidence of what an inspiring, kind and popular young man he was.

We have spent the last 12 years working hard to support the Bone Cancer Research Trust (BCRT). We wanted to make a difference by setting up a special fund to help support vital research with the most friendly, vibrant, hardworking charity. A charity that have supported us an incredible amount. We also volunteer by supporting families travelling along similar journeys and by reviewing new BCRT information that is published to ensure it is user friendly and of the best quality.

We have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds in Al’s memory with running, bake sales, and lots of dancing!

We marked the 10-year anniversary of his passing in style with a charity ball at the Royal Armouries, Leeds in 2017. It was a night full of love and laughter. There were tears filled with memories, tummies full of great food, faces covered in glitter paint and a dance floor that was never empty! Over 600 people attended and we raised a phenomenal £39,000.00. We also secured long term support from some local companies! We now bring our family and friends to the annual Bone Cancer Ball.

Supporting smaller charities, like BCRT, makes an enormous contribution to the specialist projects they are able fund and Al’s memory lives on. He was an inspiration as a twin, brother, son and friend. A fine young man.

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