Chloë's Fight with Ewing's and for every child to count: raising vital funds for life saving research into Ewing sarcoma.

Chloë has always been a determined girl and has high expectations of herself. She has always been fit and very active, which is what made it very clear that something wasn't right.

After battling with doctors for some time, Chloë's life was turned upside down in May 2018 when she was given the horrifying news she had cancer. Chloë was 15yrs old and about to sit her 1st GCSE.

She was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma, something we had never heard of. It took a while to be diagnosed and when she was finally given her diagnosis, they couldn't tell us if it had started in the bone or tissue, as it was around the nerve sack and in both the tissue and bone.

Chloë was unable to have the usual scans to see if her cancer was localised or not, as the priority was to get chemotherapy started straight away due to the fast-growing nature of her tumour.

Chloë managed to sit some of her GCSE exams; we don't know how she managed it! We were extremely proud of her determination. Everyone always comments how she’s always smiling and seeming so well. If asked how she is, she will always respond "I'm okay, thank you", even if she has just been crying in pain, or even when she has her down moments, saying she can't do it anymore. These are heart breaking for such a positive, bright young lady, and it hurts knowing that there is nothing we can do to take that pain away.

We were up and down from the hospital having chemotherapy on a two-week protocol, which was becoming harder to do, as Chloë’s body was taking a long time to recover from each round. Since she cannot have surgery, we were then informed that Chloë was being put forward to have proton beam therapy, as normal radiotherapy would have had a lot of negative side effects and potentially negatively impact on her life. This was a mixed bag of emotions, as it would mean being away from home for a long time, but it was also her best chance of a better life.

Chloë has now finished her proton beam therapy, but still has to finish chemotherapy. Unfortunately, when chemotherapy has finished, it isn't the end for Chloë. She will need frequent scans and check-ups, as the tumour can't be removed. She will therefore need monitoring to make sure it doesn't begin to grow again, or develop a secondary cancer, which is a common occurrence. Chloë will need to try and live with this always being there and not let it control her life anymore. We believe in positivity.

Chloë wants to be a paediatrician, and has had this dream for such a long time. She is determined to continue on her path to her dream career, even after all of this. Whilst studying, Chloë also wants to set up this Special Fund to raise awareness in order to minimise the number of children going through this. If caught early, patients have a much more optimistic prognosis. We want to raise money for research into Ewing sarcoma to help change things for other children and families, as treatments have not been improved for many years. Too many lives are taken by this ‘rare cancer’.

You can follow Chloë’s journey on her Instagram page: Chloë’s Fight with Ewing's

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