This page is dedicated to James Stewart, who sadly lost his battle with osteosarcoma in March 2016.

James was a football mad teenager who supported his beloved Aberdeen FC. He was the youngest of 5 with three sisters who adored and spoilt him rotten and his older brother who was as big an AFC fan as he was, taking him to all the matches.

His journey began on March 2015 after a physiotherapist felt a small lump behind his knee. James had been experiencing leg pain since October 2014 which was treated as a sporting injury with regular anti inflammatory and paracetamol tablets. As James leg pain got worse he was treated at the children’s hospital with physiotherapy which made the leg pain worse. After his 2nd session he was referred to orthopaedics for an X-ray that same day. The results were soul destroying. They had seen a what they described as a moth bitten bone which didn’t look good. James was also give an X-ray of his chest he was admitted to hospital that same day for further tests and scans. The results were absolutely devastating in the days that followed. James was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the right femur which had also spread to his lungs and chest.

Over the next 6 months James went through gruelling intensive chemotherapy which made him so sick but still managed to smile and laugh. he really was a joker and always kept the nurses and doctors laughing and smiling. The children’s hospital became James 2nd home. On August 2015 James had the bone from his leg removed a complete femur replacement which he had his hip, femur bone and knee replaced with titanium. As the days passed James amazed everyone with learning to walk. After weeks of staying in hospital James was finally allowed to come home he was doing so well.

James started to experience back pain around September time his consultant thought it could be posture pain but more scans later revealed that tumours started to grow on his lower spine. James was now diagnosed as terminal and he was given radiotherapy to help with pain, but it only helped for a small while. James was home for his 16th birthday on October 4th 2015 and he had such a great time. All his family and friends were there. In the months that followed he continued to amaze everyone with his determination and his love for Aberdeen FC continued. His brother would religiously take him to the games; he was living everyday as if it was his last. Parties, cinema, out for meals with his friends; he was loving his freedom. He even went back to school for a few weeks. He was always the centre of attention, he was loved by all and still is.

James was admitted to hospital in February 2016 with a chest infection after continuous antibiotics for weeks never helped and we found out that the tumours were growing on his lungs. James passed away on the 17th March 2016 surrounded by his family. Right up until the last few days he continued to make us laugh and that’s how we remember him with love and laughter ❤️

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