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Jennifer was always a smiley, happy baby and child and lit up the lives of everyone that knew her. She was so much fun to be around and gave so much love, joy and happiness to all her family & friends.

Jen was never a sickly child and thankfully apart from Chickenpox had never been ill or poorly throughout her life until her diagnosis, which is why it came as such a shock and bolt out of the blue.

She was always laughing, dancing, singing and was so scatty at times, you could not help but laugh, she certainly had no cares in the world when growing up and enjoyed her short life to the full. She made every Birthday, Holiday, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Bonfire Night and family event so much fun and so memorable.

Jen was never really academic and her teachers used to say that she treated school as a social event. We laugh about that now and are so glad that she had such a loving, fun, carefree childhood.

She loved dancing and cheerleading, she even danced in a competition at the Winter Gardens Ballroom in Blackpool Tower as part of her dance academy group. She always gave it her best and made us so proud. Even if she didn’t win a medal, she would still smile and be happy to have been given the opportunity to be there and take part.

Jen was extremely close to all her family and had some lovely close friends (some of whom still keep in touch with us to this day), we all agree that she could never ever be forgotten and still include her in our conversation and continue to talk about her all the time. She was and will always be such an important part of our lives.

It is so important to always keep the wonderful memories close to your heart and Jen certainly gave us a lifetime of those during her short life. We sometimes sit and go through all the photos and reminisce about the wonderful times we shared together and are so grateful and thankful for these.

We were determined not to let Jen’s life be in vein and we know that had she survived her cancer that she would have continued to live her life to the full, in the most loving, fun, positive way possible and would have encouraged every other bone cancer sufferer to do the same, which is why we will continue to support BCRT in her memory in any small way possible, as we know that this is what she would have wanted.

Yes, life will never be the same as I’m sure every bone cancer patient or family member will know, but by supporting BCRT it gives you some comfort in knowing that something positive can come out of this. Funding Research is the key, but it is also imperative that BCRT can continue to offer support and information to patients and families going forward.

Life does go on, the road may not be easy, but we owe it to our loved ones and our families to keep going, to appreciate what life still has to offer and to keep the memories of our loved ones alive and close to our hearts!

What we have done in Jennifer's memory

Since 2004 when we first started to support BCRT, family and friends have been involved in fund raising events for BCRT in memory of our beautiful daughter Jennifer who sadly passed away in 2003 aged 13 from osteosarcoma and have raised nearly £35,000 so far towards much needed research. Here are a few of the events organised over the years:

  • Group climb of Snowdon in Wales
  • Liverpool to Leeds Canal section swim
  • Arts and crafts display with a percentage of the profits being donated to BCRT Research
  • 10K Preston Run
  • 50 Mile Liverpool – Chester Bike Ride
  • Doncaster Ladies Circle Evening Ball
  • Doncaster Ladies Circle made a Calendar Girls Household Diary with household and cookery tips, where all proceeds from the sales went to BCRT.
  • London Marathon
  • Wear a Jumper to work day, where BCRT was chosen as one of the charities to support
  • BCRT Collection boxes at local shops
  • BCRT wrist bands
  • Family donations to recognise relevant age milestones had Jennifer still been with us
  • Regular Monthly Standing Order donations from family members and friends

Besides fund raising, it has been important to raise awareness of Bone Cancer, so we have dropped lots of BCRT leaflets off over the years into local doctor’s surgeries and walk in clinics.

We thank you and appreciate your time to read Jen's Story
Lin, Tim and Adam Carvell

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