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Ken's Story

Not long after celebrating his 30th birthday, my son Ken, went to the dentist with what he thought was an abcess. The dentist was very concerned and refered him straight away to hospital for further investigation. After two inconclusive biopsies, the third one confirmed diagnosis of osteosarcoma in his jaw. Six intense cycles of chemotherapy were advised to be followed by major surgery. Due to Ken having serious complications after each cycle of chemo, his consultant advised surgery after just three cycles, so in November 2012 Ken underwent major surgery (including bone graft and reconstruction of his jaw). Ken astounded the medical team by recovering from the surgery in record time and in February 2013 his scan was clear and the future looked bright. Just 2 months later in April 2013 having had ear ache, his consultant advised another scan, ‘just to make sure the cancer is not back’. It was back with a vengeance and far more aggressive. It was terminal. Ken had 6 to 12 months to live. Ken fought to the very last moment but on 26th July 2014, he went to be with the Lord.

Kens passions included Liverpool F.C, fast cars, singing on karaoke and spitfires. Most of all he loved his family and being ‘the joker’ which was evident right to the end. Ken was always thinking of others first and from the moment of diagnosis, the effect on his loved ones was his main concern (He did have a little vain streak and initially liked the attention).

Having never heard of bone cancer before I contacted BCRT soon after Ken's diagnosis. I decided to have a tribute page for Ken, to tell his story which I hope will help in raising awareness and funds for research into this awful disease.

Julie, Ken's Mum

Update December 2019

Ken with sons Jamie and Lucas

Up until now I have only shared photos of Ken and kept the focus to Ken, my son. Now it feels right to give you an idea of another side to Ken. Ken was blessed to be married and have 2 sons, Jamie and Lucas. Nothing meant more to Ken than being with his wife and sons who were his world. From the moment of his diagnosis, Ken's concern was for his family and the effect his illness was having on them. He went all out to make as many good memories as possible for them. Through the support of St Catherine's Hospice, Ken made memory boxes for the boys which are very precious to them, as are many memories of the fun family life Ken did his best to provide.

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