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Daniel's Story - told by his mum Helen

Daniel will always be remembered with a smile.

Daniel was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma, an aggressive primary bone cancer in March 2013.

From the day he started to walk, he was kicking a football around. So at the age of 5 I took him to play football for Kenfig Hill Puma's. At the age of 7 he was diagnosed with sports asthma, so always had an asthma pump with him.

During 2012 his breathing got worse; he struggled to climb the stairs. On Christmas Eve 2012 he was referred to the hospital for tests, as doctors suspected that he had fractured his ribs, and this could have punctured his lungs. Between Christmas and New Year, he had numerous scans including a CT and MRI scan. In March 2013 he was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma, he also already had a secondary tumour on the spine.

Once he was diagnosed, the gruelling treatment started with 20 rounds of chemotherapy and 15 rounds of radiotherapy. He never complained and took everything in his stride. He even insisted on going to the hospital on his own, so that he had a chance to digest whatever the doctors told him before he told me, as he wanted to protect me. Surely it should have been the other way around, me protecting him? When his hair started falling out, he took the decision to shave it all off, which was very brave as he was proud of his hair – always preening himself and borrowing my hairdryer and hair products.

His work colleagues and his large group of friends were a big support to him, never leaving him on his own, so that he always had at least 3 people around his bed. Sadly though, the high dose of radiotherapy he opted for resulted in pneumonia and put him in intensive care for 12 days. It was also found that the radiotherapy had damaged his liver and kidneys. Slowly but surely his organs started shutting down.

Daniel gave up his fight on 17th February 2014, 6 days after his 25th birthday.

After his death, I thought about a conversation I had with Daniel during one of the many hospital visits. He wanted to raise awareness and money for the Bone Cancer Research Trust. Hence, The Daniel Humphreys Tribute Fund was created. Friends, family, work colleagues, and the local community get together to hold various charity events throughout the year to raise much needed funds for research into Ewing sarcoma.

We want to raise funds and awareness, to ultimately find a cure, so that no one else has to go through the same thing as us. Thank you for reading Daniel's story.
Helen, Daniel's Mum

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