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Zack's Story

Zack was an energetic 14 year old boy who we adored. In late 2017, Zack complained of pains in his lower left leg, we brought him to the GP 3 times and were told it was nothing to worry about. As the pain persisted and got worse we brought him to the hospital, where again the doctor told us it was nothing to worry about, refused even to give him an x-ray and told us that an x-ray wouldn't show anything. Time passed and the pain got so bad that we had to bring him to the Children's Hospital and told the doctor we would not leave without an x-ray or some further testing or further diagnostics. He didn't argue and said he would do an X-ray straightaway. He came back and said that there was something there and we would have to admit Zack to the hospital for a biopsy. Three days later they told us that Zack had osteosarcoma and he would have to receive chemotherapy immediately.

A week later, they told us that the cancer had spread and there was nothing more they could do for him. He was our world and with this news our world had come to an end. We never told Zack how bad things were. We then brought him to a special clinic in Germany in the hope of extending his life. The doctor there told us that he could help Zack, not curing but hopefully extending his life. Somehow, this was not the case and the treatment only made things worse. He got horrific chemotherapy burns on his foot which put him in extreme pain. I blamed myself for believing in this doctor, but I could not accept the alternative of just watching him die without a fight. I only wish it was me not him and we both feel so guilty that we are alive and our beautiful son is dead.

Zack loved life so much. He was football mad, he loved extreme rollercoasters, go-karting, any extreme sport and just loved the adrenaline rush. He was so full of life and such a beautiful soul, the house is so empty without him. I still can't believe he's gone, in this day and age with all the technology we have, osteosarcoma and bone cancer are mostly unknown to the majority of doctors. Early detection and intervention are key and if this were the case Zack would be here today. It is so heart breaking to read most of the stories on the BCRT website, that's why we have both decided to start a special fund in Zack’s name in the hope that future kids can avoid going through what Zack and all the other kids went through. I wish I never heard of osteosarcoma, the Devil as my wife calls it. One day there will be a cure, but until that day we must keep raising money for the vital research needed to find a cure for this terrible disease.

“Thank you for reading Zack's story”. - Mark & Gillian Foley, Zack's parents

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