We are delighted to announce that there have been a number of exciting developments in chondrosarcoma research recently.

Research led by Professor Adrienne Flanagan, one of the Bone Cancer Research Trust’s lead researchers in this field, has shed light on some of the genetic characteristics of certain types of chondrosarcoma.

These findings from a team at University College London may lead to new diagnostic tests being developed to help pathologists diagnose and grade chondrosarcomas more confidently. Further down the line, these findings may unlock a potential new target for the development of a much needed new treatment for chondrosarcoma.

We are hopeful that this ongoing research has the potential to deliver some very exciting results for chondrosarcoma patients. We will keep our community up to date with developments over the coming months. Click here to find out more information on the research being carried out by Adrienne’s group on primary bone cancer.

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