Scott Cranmer tells us more about his '1 in a Million' challenge in memory of his friend Chris.

Scott, can you chat us through your '1 in a million' challenge? What gave you the idea for this and what are the distances and time frames involved?

This year marked the passing of a huge inspiration in my life, Chris Chapman. He really was one in a million; hence the challenge name. I wanted to do something special that would help raise awareness of bone cancer and some money along the way.

The challenge itself… 1,000,000 metres, 10,000km, 100 10k runs in 100 days!

How's the challenge going so far? Any unforeseen issues?

I had about a week where my feet were in bits! Blisters on top of blisters and aches and pains to boot.

How are you fitting this all in alongside a busy day job and family life?

I’m getting up early, running late or trying to squeeze them in my lunch. On average they are taking me about an hour. My wife is super supportive and also knew Chris really well so she gets why I’m doing this.

Any tips for fellow #TeamBones runners?

Just get out and do something! I know at first it may be tough but the human body is a beautiful thing and it’s the mind that fails first. Chris always had a mantra of ‘Never Give Up’. For someone who did his upmost to fight cancer I feel like it’s a fairly poignant point that anyone should have enough passion to give something a try. Be it a 10k, Marathon or Ironman!

Where can people track your progress along the way?

I’m posting daily updates of my run on Instagram (@onemillion_10k) or on Facebook. I want to say a massive thank you my sponsors; Raceskin, Rocktape UK, WellBrix, For Fit’s Sake and Yorkshire Runner all who have been totally behind what I’m trying to achieve :)

Never Give Up.