Need some persuading to join the best team around?

10. You’ll have fun

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of #ToughTeamBones had to say about Tough Mudder 2016:

Joining #ToughTeamBones at Tough Mudder 2016 was so much fun. It’s tough, but it’s so worth it!”
It was amazing to take on the challenge and know you're helping such an important charity at the same time."
We loved it! In fact we've just signed up to do it again for the Bone Cancer Research Trust this year!"

9. The sense of achievement

You’ll feel that extra sense of achievement at the finish line knowing you’ve not only conquered the course, but you’ve supported a fantastic cause.

8. The perfect opportunity for an epic new profile picture

With photographers along the route you’ll have some awesome photos of you showcasing your #TeamBones tee and a whole load of mud!

7. Make friends with random strangers

The sense of camaraderie at these events is huge and you’re more than likely going to need a leg up or an extra push at some point which often comes in the form of a perfect stranger. So whether you sign up as a team or on your own, you're guaranteed to have a few new friends by the finish line! Plus, by supporting the Bone Cancer Research Trust you’ll be joining the best team there is - #ToughTeamBones!

6. You’ll be funding lifesaving research

Not only will you be tackling the near-on impossible with your super human strength (physical AND mental), but you’ll be helping to make a huge difference to the lives of people affected by primary bone cancer. Now that’s what we call a superhero!

5. Get fit getting tough

Need some motivation to get fit? Joining #ToughTeamBones is a great opportunity to up your game and really work on your strength and fitness. What’s more, you’ll have full access to the #TeamBones training portal to help you every step of the way with your training.

4. New obstacles for 2017

Exciting new obstacles mean there’s surprises in store for even those seasoned #ToughTeamBones participants.

3. You’ll have some awesome stories to go home with

After all, not everyone can say they’ve conquered Everest, experienced the biggest brain freeze on the planet, been zapped by 10,000 volts and helped save lives all in one day.

2. Everyone’s a winner

Unlike other endurance challenges, where the focus is on beating your PB and other participants, Tough Mudder is all about taking part. So whether you speed round the course or take it at a more leisurely pace, as long as you cross that finish line you'll be a #ToughTeamBones champion!

1. You’ll be part of The Biggest Fight Ever

Raising £1.1 million in 2017 won't be an easy feat, but that's exactly what we aim to do in 2017. By launching The Biggest Fight Against Bone Cancer Ever, we aim to fund more lifesaving work than ever before and we need you to help us do it!

So join #ToughTeamBones today and be part of something amazing!