At just 11 years old, Mary was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. 6 months after her diagnosis on New Year’s Day 2012, Mary sadly passed away.

6 years ago Mary’s Fund was set up, since then we’ve worked together to ensure that we help Mary's parents Sue and Andy keep Mary's memory alive, increase awareness of primary bone cancer and raise funds to help find a cure.

Sue and Andy said:

Mary always wanted to be remembered and this she shall be.

The support from Sue and Andy and their family, friends and community has been brilliant and they have so far raised an amazing £400,000 for Mary’s Fund, which has been fundamental to our life-saving work, we wouldn't be where we are today without their incredible support.

Sue and Andy didn't have a 'target' in mind when they set up Mary’s Fund. The fund started from one of Mary's closest friends, who wanted to raise £150 from a local Aquathon. The fund has grown massively, from that one friend who wanted to make a very kind gesture in honour of their best friend - What a wonderful friend!

Since that very first fundraising event there has been marathon runs, balls, spin sessions, golf days, bake sales and a Guinness World Record for fastest male marathon runner in a 3D aircraft/helicopter costume, just to mention a few!

Sue and Andy said:

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and help with fundraising events and for always being there for us. Without their support we wouldn't be able to continue to raise awareness and funds for the Bone Cancer Research Trust. It really does mean a lot to us. Always remembering Mary.

We work tirelessly towards finding a cure for primary bone cancer so children like Mary and their families no longer have to face the devastating and heart-breaking news that takes loved ones away from us and raising a fantastic amount of £400,000 will help us come closer to achieving this.

Kate Connor, Community Fundraising Manager at the Bone Cancer Research Trust, said:

From everyone at the Bone Cancer Research Trust, we want to thank you. You have both been amazing in helping us increase awareness of primary bone cancer and raise funds to help us develop new treatments and ultimately find a cure. We've had the pleasure of becoming friends with Sue and Andy, we just wish we had met them and their family under different circumstances. In everything we do, we remember Mary, every loved one lost and everyone fighting this devastating disease. We hope we've helped you, your family and friends in keeping Mary's memory alive.

For more information about Mary’s Fund and future plans, please visit - Always remembering Mary.