Meet Abbie...

Abbie is a normal 9 year old, living with her family, enjoying school and playing dress up until she is diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Abbie has osteosarcoma is our newest Children’s information resource and is the sequel to Harry Has An Operation.

A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming for the whole family and until recently, there has been little information tailored specifically to younger children. This story book is an interactive resource, which will guide a child and their family through every aspect of an osteosarcoma diagnosis.

Abbie has osteosarcoma covers areas, such as:

  • What is osteosarcoma?
  • Abbie’s hospital team
  • What treatment Abbie will have
  • What to expect from chemotherapy
  • Surgery
  • Abbie's feelings

Abbie has osteosarcoma will be available soon..You can pre-order your copy here