​Thanks to the support of the bone cancer community, we’re excited to announce we’ve now awarded over 80 pioneering research projects.

Since July 2017, when we launched ‘The Biggest Ever Commitment to Primary Bone Cancer’, we have funded 24 brand new research projects and by the end of 2019 we will have committed a further £1,409,059 to our Grant Programme, which now extends to 81 grants and amounts to over £3.7m.

During 2019, we surpassed our commitment to research funding by £200,000 and we were able to award two additional research projects!

Following the successful outcomes of our Infrastructure Grants, we were so delighted to receive the prestigious award of National Healthcare and Medical Research Charity of the Year!

A collaborative approach…

We know collaboration is essential to make progress and this year we’ve worked in partnership with Children with Cancer UK to form the first Osteosarcoma Symposium, which brought together researchers from across the globe to identify research progress, challenges that need to be overcome and opportunities to move research forward.

Following the success of the Osteosarcoma Symposium, we also organised our first Chondrosarcoma Symposium and followed it with the launch of a dedicated Ideas Grant for chondrosarcoma research.

Dr Zoe Davison, Head of Research and Information, said:

We are committed to supporting the research community through collaboration so that together we can revolutionise treatments and improve outcomes for patients and their families.

To widen our research community and begin new relationships globally, for the first time, we have extended research funding to international scientists, with the announcement in December of our first International Ewing sarcoma Explorer Grant.

We couldn’t do it without your generous donations…

To support research into bone cancer, become a Research Sponsor with us today and put 100% of your donation into what you care about - saving lives and finding a cure for this brutal disease. You can even select a specific form of bone cancer to sponsor!