Luto specialise in producing user friendly communications through good information design, so we were delighted when they kindly volunteered their time to support us and children that are going through a life changing primary bone cancer diagnosis.

Why did the team at Luto want to volunteer their time to review Abbie Has Osteosarcoma?

There were a several reasons for us wanting to get involved:

  • We were aware that the Bone Cancer Research Trust relies entirely on donations and you don’t receive any government funding, so we wanted to offer our services pro bono to help contribute, in some small way, to the development of your materials.
  • We also understand the need to supply patients, families, friends and healthcare professionals with clear, relevant and lay friendly information which can be understood. The better informed people are, the more in control they feel over their health and the treatment decisions that they will make with their doctors.
  • The Bone Cancer Research Trust is a local charity and our team are always keen to support these in any way we can – it’s important to us to engage with the local community and make links to find out about ways we can work together.

Why do you think resources like Abbie Has Osteosarcoma are important for children and their families going through a diagnosis?

When a child is going through diagnosis, we’re aware this can be a very scary experience for them, and their family may be unsure what support they can access, and what the next steps are. Abbie is a ‘step-by-step’ storybook aimed at children, so they can read about what to expect, the medical terms they may come across and the healthcare professionals they may meet, as some examples.

The guide therefore should help break down any misconceptions and address the ‘fear of the unknown’. It also signposts parents and carers to other charities and organisations where further information can be obtained so that they can feel further supported throughout the diagnosis.

What difference do you think it will make to the lives of those affected?

We hope the book has a BIG impact on the children going through diagnosis and their friends and families so that they feel supported, informed and understand the possible next steps in the fight against bone cancer.

Zoe Davison, Head of Research and Information at the Bone Cancer Research Trust, said:

We are incredibly grateful for Luto’s expertise, and for giving up time from their busy schedule to review this vital resource. The team at Luto have provided invaluable input into the storybook, which will make a huge difference to children and their families that are going through a difficult diagnosis and a life-changing journey both physically and emotionally.

What's next for Luto...

The team at Luto will be supporting our work in the future by reviewing a new information booklet currently in design.