On the 30th July 1949, Stryker Stanmore's first implant (pin number 0000) was implanted into a patient. The left femur implant lasted over 50 years and was only revised in 2002. Today, Stryker Stanmore (formerly Stanmore Implants) are world leaders in orthopaedics, restoring the function of limbs and joints.

To celebrate this landmark year, Stryker Stanmore have announced the Bone Cancer Research Trust as Charity Partner and have events planned throughout the year, culminating in their support of the Bone Cancer Conference taking place on June 13th in Watford. Of the partnership, Mat Cottle-Shaw, Head of Fundraising & Communications at the Bone Cancer Research Trust said:

We're delighted to be working with Stryker Stanmore. As an organisation so closely aligned to our work we are excited about what the partnership will bring. Many of our patients have implants from Stryker Stanmore and it is their innovation and passion that has allowed patients to retain their limbs and have vastly improved quality of life. By our organisations coming together, we are joining the circle on patient care and through their involvement we will be delivering our most patient focused Bone Cancer Conference yet in June 2020.

For years, Stryker Stanmore have pushed the boundaries of technology and innovation. From their base in Stanmore, they are leading the way for custom implants for oncology patients and have vastly helped patients of all ages.

In the video below, a baby just 8 months old, who has Ewing sarcoma is saved from having an amputation thanks to the incredible work of Stryker Stanmore and an implant they specially developed.

Head of Research, Information & Support at the Bone Cancer Research Trust, Dr Zoe Davison, said:

As a company with links into the many aspects of patient treatment, including intro-operating imaging and robotics, we are truly honoured to be associated with Stryker Stanmore and look forward to exploring other ways our two organisations can work closer together.