After Alexander passed away from osteosarcoma his family and friends continued to support our life-saving work by raising funds and have now broken the £100,000 mark – raising an incredible £108,000!

Alexander Albiston was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at just 17 years old. He passed away in March 2010, aged 18. Even when Alexander’s health deteriorated he was still at the forefront of fundraising events for the Bone Cancer Research Trust, because he was so disappointed that outcomes for bone cancer patients had not improved for so many years.

Our ultimate aim is to find a cure for primary bone cancer so people like Alexander and their families no longer have to face the devastating news that takes loved ones away from us. The funds raised by Alexander, his family and friends help us come closer to achieving this.

Alexander’s dad, Tim, said:

Reaching over £108,000 raised for BCRT is very important to our family because we do recognise how important this money is to help research into improving outcomes for people with bone cancer. For such a small charity with no government funding, we are constantly delighted by the news of how the money raised is helping awareness of bone cancer across the UK and importantly supporting bone cancer research projects. It was very disappointing when I read recently that the contribution to bone cancer research had been cut in 2018 in the larger cancer charities and it for this reason that we will continue to promote and fundraise for BCRT. It is also very humbling to think that the unbelievable amount of money raised has been achieved through the efforts, generosity and kindness from so many friends and people who knew Alexander. I have lost count on how many people have offered to take on a challenge in his memory and no matter how much money they have gone on to raise, there is nothing as great as the pride we share as a family of the inspiration this young man has brought to our community.

Mat Cottle-Shaw, Head of Fundraising and Communications at the Bone Cancer Research Trust, said:

Alexander's legacy continues to inspire so many others and the amount of support, drive and determination from all of Alexander’s family and friends makes a huge difference to our work and is what keeps us striving to change the landscape for everyone affected by primary bone cancer. We would like to say a massive thank you to Alexander’s family and friends for raising such an incredible amount and for continuously raising awareness of primary bone cancer.

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