​Last year we were delighted to award funding to Professor Sue Burchill and Professor Xuebin Yang in partnership with Ewing’s Sarcoma Research Trust at the University of Leeds. The team opened their doors and gave our supporters an interactive behind-the-scenes look at their research.

The new research project aims to develop a unique preclinical tool, which combines both Ewing sarcoma and non-cancerous cells from the tumour micro-environment to give a more realistic model of Ewing sarcoma.

This project will use this model to understand how the cells surrounding the tumour affects how Ewing sarcoma responds to treatment and to develop more effective treatments that target the self-renewing, chemo-resistant cells, thought to be responsible for relapse. Professor Burchill and the University of Leeds opened their doors to our supporters, which gave them a unique opportunity to; look at Ewing cells under a microscope, practice pipetting, tour the lab and find out more about the pioneering research being carried out into Ewing sarcoma.

Professor Sue Burchill, said:

It is both humbling and rewarding when patients, their families and carers visit the lab to find out more about the work we do. Without the financial support of BCRT our innovative research developing tools to help create more personalised treatment to improve outcomes would not be possible. The funding from BCRT and ESRT has been especially valuable in maintaining the programme of research. The lab visits and BCRT conferences provide an opportunity to meet and find out what patients and families want to know about, what they care about, what is important to them. Connecting with those who have been directly affected by this disease keeps our research relevant and focused, so that together we can eradicate Ewing sarcoma.

Dave Harley, Former Ewing sarcoma Patient, said:

Many thanks to Sue and her team for a fascinating “hands on” visit to the research lab. It was very informative. Their dedication and perseverance towards finding a cure is so inspiring.

Thank you to all that those who attended the lab open day and to Professor Burchill and her team.