​Liv wanted to raise money for a very special young girl who is battling bone cancer! Jana, Liv's mum, has shared with us her daughter's incredible challenge.

Liv, being the crazy kid she is, has decided to cycle and run the distance of Lands End to John O' Groats... 874 miles in just over 2 months! Aiming to finish by Easter day! That's approximately 90 miles/ 145km a week! - Liv's mum, Jana

Liv is around the half-way mark of her challenge and everyone at virtual #TeamBonesHQ is cheering her on every step of the way! In virtual distance she’s around the North West of England at the moment and she still has over a month left of the challenge so still plenty of miles and fundraising to go!

If you would like to show your support and make a kind donation, please visit her JustGiving page below.

Liv's JustGiving

Mat Cottle-Shaw, Head of Fundraising and Communications, said:

Liv has taken on such a huge challenge to help those affected by primary bone cancer and bone tumours; she is a true inspiration to all! A huge well done Liv and thank you so much for supporting our life-saving work!

Below, Liv shares a timeline of her achievements so far...

Day 2: Fantastic 40k today after my Daily United fitness session! I doubled my daily distance once I saw the amount that had come into my JustGiving page! Distance 24.85 miles

Day 3: Harder today as wanted to get some runs in and after having a groin injury a few weeks ago wanted to test my sprinting! Managed 5K of running and hill sprints followed by a 25k bike ride! Another 30k covered. Distance 18.64 miles

Day 6: After a rest day yesterday I've worked hard today and did a 9K run followed by 20K on the bike! I even bumped into my best friend Lottie who joined me on the run. Thank you so much for the support the charity have told us how much it means to them! Distance 18.02 miles

Day 10 and 11: Managed a 30K ride yesterday but decided to do a full circuit workout as well and my leg muscles are paying for it today! Did just short of 6K run this morning and a 15.5K ride this afternoon but my legs were hurting so I'm going to try and have a rest day tomorrow. Distance 31.91 miles

Day 17, 18, 19: It's been a cold few days for running but had to do a 1k for footy and managed to get another few Kilometers in as well! Had a rest yesterday but did a 25K bike ride Friday and another 25K today! Going for a long run tomorrow so hoping it warms up a bit! Distance 33.80 miles

Day 20 and 21: Yesterday the weather was better so managed an 11K run... I don't enjoy the running as much as the cycling and did squeeze a 10K bike ride in too! Today I completed 30K on the bike... It's felt tough the last couple of days but 300 miles done in 3 weeks and on to week 4 now! Distance 31.69 miles