ICONIC is the UK’s first age-inclusive osteosarcoma clinical trial, bringing together patients, health professionals, clinical and scientific experts, with the aim of achieving better treatments and outcomes for osteosarcoma patients. In this exclusive interview Dr Strauss has shared more about the progress that has been made since the clinical trial was launched in October 2019 and ambitions for the future.

What progress has been made since the launch of ICONIC?

The initial set up of this huge collaborative project across the UK has been achieved, even during a pandemic. We’ve opened 22 sites within the NHS, including the five surgical bone cancer centres in England and paediatric, TYA and adult centres. Over 100 patients have now agreed to be part of ICONIC, which we are so grateful for.

We have also opened three research centres in Sheffield, Newcastle and Nantes to study circulating tumour cells (bone cancer cells in the blood).

What has been the biggest success or most surprising success from ICONIC so far?

Engagement and enthusiasm across the whole UK community despite the challenges we, and the NHS, have faced due to COVID-19. We have met or exceeded most of our aims: number of centres opened and monthly recruitment of patients, as well as successfully collecting clinical information, data on patient experience, diagnostic journey and excellent tissue sample collection that has exceeded our expectations.

What are your ambitions for the next phase of ICONIC?

To build on the success of phase one and open the final six centres; and interrogate and analyse data to better understand care across the UK; and work towards new clinical trials as well as extending collaboration internationally.

Is there anything you would like to say to the patients who are involved in ICONIC?

A huge thank you for being part of our ambitious project, and for working with us to improve care and outcome for all patients with osteosarcoma across the UK. We couldn’t do this without you!

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