In November 2020, Laura's daughter Phoebe was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her leg at just 12-years-old. Following her diagnosis Phoebe kindly agreed to be involved in ICONIC, the UK’s first age-inclusive osteosarcoma clinical trial, bringing together patients, health professionals and scientific experts, with the aim of achieving better treatments and outcomes for osteosarcoma patients.

We spoke to Phoebe’s mum, Laura, to find out about how the family feel to be involved in ICONIC and the difference they hope it will make for future patients.

What does it mean to you to be part of ICONIC?

When you realise osteosarcoma and bone cancer treatments haven’t really progressed in 40 years, it’s very disappointing. Until you’re faced with it personally and see how little funding goes into research compared to other types of cancers, it is quite shocking, so anything that can help like ICONIC, we’re happy to be involved in.

If it helps anyone in the future and it’s not impacting on her now, whilst she is having her treatment, then it’s win-win for everybody.

How did Phoebe feel about being part of ICONIC?

When it came to involving Phoebe, we explained that in the past there has been research/trials that patients have signed up for, that will have got us to this point where we are today and will have influenced her treatment. In turn, if she consented to ICONIC going forward, she might help someone in the future, and she enthusiastically replied, ‘yeah alright’.

Phoebe did ask if she would have to do anything by taking part. The great thing is, she doesn’t, anything needed for ICONIC would be done in line with her treatment, she wouldn’t even really notice anything else was being done and it didn’t impact on her in any way.

What difference do you hope your involvement in ICONIC will make?

As a parent, when your child is diagnosed with osteosarcoma you want to do anything you can to help not only your child, but also future patients.

At a time when we are feeling pretty useless, in terms of what we can do for Phoebe as she goes through treatment, we know we are doing something useful being part of ICONIC, to hopefully help future osteosarcoma patients.

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