The Bone Cancer Research Trust are delighted to announce that a new £1million programme of research will be launched later this year. The programme, which will focus on improving treatments for osteosarcoma patients, has been made possible following an incredibly generous donation of £1million to the charity.

Osteosarcoma is the most common type of primary bone cancer in children and young people. In the UK around 160 people are diagnosed with the disease each year. Unfortunately, osteosarcoma has not seen the same level of progress that has been made in other cancer types, in terms of new treatments and improved outcomes for patients, due to a lack of research investment. Overall, five-year survival is only 42% and, due to the lack of clinical trials available for patients, osteosarcoma has been identified as a priority by the National Cancer Research Institute.

Since 2006, the Bone Cancer Research Trust has been leading the fight against osteosarcoma. 31 of our research projects have focused on the disease, amounting to £2,149,753 of our research investment. Additionally, a further 28 projects have studied all types of primary bone cancer, and therefore, have also benefited osteosarcoma patients. Our current projects are focusing on improving existing treatments, developing new treatments and learning from osteosarcoma patients of all ages to accelerate progress in all areas of the disease. However, there remains a lack of current treatment options, particularly if first line therapy fails or if a patient has metastatic disease.

It is hoped that the new research programme, which will be the Bone Cancer Research Trust’s largest research award to date, will build on current projects underway and be transformational for osteosarcoma patients.

To ensure maximum patient benefit, the charity is encouraging researchers to come together and collaborate when applying for the £1million grant award when applications open in August.

To stimulate coordination and collaboration, the Bone Cancer Research Trust will be holding a planning meeting for researchers. The charity would like to invite all researchers in the field of osteosarcoma to attend the event which will be held virtually on July 1st and will be facilitated by Dr Zoe Davison (BCRT) and Prof Pam Kearns (Chair of BCRT’s Independent Scientific Advisory Panel).

If you are a researcher or clinician working in the field of osteosarcoma and would like to attend the meeting on July 1st, please click here to email our Research Team who will distribute further information and joining details.

Dr Zoe Davison, Head of Research, Information & Support, said:

This is an extremely exciting and unique opportunity; funding of this scale is rare and represents a significant chance to make a real difference for osteosarcoma patients. The Bone Cancer Research Trust is the only charity dedicated to fighting primary bone cancer and we are committed to supporting the research community so that we can revolutionise osteosarcoma treatments and improve outcomes for patients - our hope is that this research programme will go a long way to achieving these aims.

Mat Cottle-Shaw, Head of Fundraising & Communications, said:

The Bone Cancer Research Trust relies entirely on public donations to continue our life-saving research and our heartfelt thanks and immeasurable gratitude go out to the family who have made this groundbreaking research programme possible.