We are delighted to announce that the Bone Cancer Research Trust has received accreditation from the Association of Medical Research Charities for best practice in medical and healthcare research.

The Bone Cancer Research Trust is committed to supporting the best research and researchers, to understand the causes of primary bone cancer, improve diagnosis and identify new ways to treat the disease.

To decide what research to fund in a fair and transparent manner, we follow a process of peer review, by which all our research proposals are read and commented on by experts with knowledge and interest in each specific subject area.

As a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), we adhere to their principles of peer review: accountability, balance, independence, rotation and impartiality.

  • Accountability: We are open and transparent about our peer review procedures.
  • Balance: Our Independent Scientific Advisory Panel and external expert reviewers reflect a fair balance of experience and scientific disciplines.
  • Independent decision making: All scientific advisors are independent of the Bone Cancer Research Trust staff and trustees.
  • Rotation of scientific advisers: Members of our Independent Scientific Advisory Panel have a fixed term of office.
  • Impartiality: We ensure that there is no conflict of interest between potential beneficiaries and any scientific advisors.

Between September and November 2020, we underwent a comprehensive review of our funding procedures, this was then evaluated by the AMRC. We are extremely pleased to announce that our rigorous processes and procedures, in the way we award research, has now been accredited by the AMRC.

Dr Viqui Vinader, Research Manager at the Bone Cancer Research Trust, said:

We are delighted to have received the accreditation from AMRC for delivering best practice in medical and health research peer review. This guarantees we fund the highest quality research in a fair and transparent manner and ensures our research will have maximum benefit for primary bone cancer patients and their families.

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