We are delighted to announce that the Bone Cancer Awareness Initiative has won first prize in the category of 'Traditional Advocacy Project' at the 2021 SPAEN Annual Conference. The Bone Cancer Awareness Initiative was the biggest primary bone cancer and tumour awareness campaign ever undertaken in the UK!

In 2020 we launched an international patient survey, the survey, which was to gather information on symptoms and the diagnostic experience of patients, received 739 responses. The findings were analysed and published in our 2020 Patient Survey Report. This was the most comprehensive analysis of presenting symptoms and routes to diagnosis for primary bone cancers and bone tumours ever undertaken in the UK. The data from our report went on to inform the UK’s first and largest awareness campaign aimed at all healthcare professionals involved in primary bone cancer patients' diagnostic journey.

The 100-day groundbreaking campaign reached all GP practices, medical students, radiology departments, musculoskeletal physiotherapists and pharmacies in the UK. Each were provided with bespoke education materials describing the symptoms of primary bone cancers and tumours and containing guidance on how to confirm or rule out a diagnosis.

In total, 368,642 educational resources were sent to:

  • 10,771 GP Surgeries
  • 1,542 Radiology Departments
  • 44 Medical Schools
  • 586 Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists
  • 12,811 Pharmacy Practices

We also worked with an Expert Task Force of medical professionals who helped deliver a series of webinars targeted to each of the key healthcare professions, as well as medical students, the healthcare professionals of the future. The webinars were attended by over 700 GPs, physiotherapists, radiologists, pharmacists, medical students, and the general public; with 100s more watching the sessions afterwards.

Dr Viqui Vinader, Research Manager at the Bone Cancer Research Trust, said:

It’s an honour to win such a prestigious award. We are committed to equipping GPs and other key healthcare professionals with the knowledge they need to make accurate and timely referrals so that patients are given the best chance of survival and improved outcome. It is wonderful that SPAEN have recognised our efforts in achieving this via the Bone Cancer Awareness Initiative. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our Expert Task Force for providing their expertise and helping us to make it the success it was.

The SPAEN conference brings together patient advocates and organisations to improve the lives of people diagnosed with primary bone cancer, soft tissue sarcomas, GIST and desmoids, offering a wonderful opportunity for us to share more about the Bone Cancer Awareness Initiative on a global level.

We are currently developing the next stages of our organisational strategy and are looking at the next stages of our awareness activities. Find out more about the Bone Cancer Awareness Initiative and access our FREE education resources below.

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