When a loved one receives a diagnosis of primary bone cancer, many friends and families report feelings of helplessness. Often, they feel compelled to do something that will make a difference for both current and future patients, in order to ensure that fewer lives are destroyed by this devastating disease.

Here at the Bone Cancer Research Trust, we provide the opportunity to set up a Special Fund, either in memory or in support of a patient, to help further vital research into primary bone cancer. Since their launch, we are proud to announce that 53 Special Funds have been formed and have raised more than £6.3million collectively to support our crucial work.

Kate Connor, Senior Regional Relationship Manager at the Bone Cancer Research Trust, said:

Through our Special Funds, people can raise money in the name of a loved one their way - whether that's through a bake sale, football tournament or concert... or perhaps something more adventurous like an abseil, skydive or cycle challenge! The fundraising possibilities are endless, and every penny donated will be added straight to the fund's total amount raised.

Additionally, our funds are also fantastic awareness champions! They help to spread the word about primary bone cancer in local communities, which in turn helps to raise the profile and understanding of this rare disease.

Fundraising can also be restricted to one of the eight types of primary bone tumours, meaning that all of the money raised in your loved one's name can go straight to what matters most to you.

We have asked some of our current Special Funds why they decided to set up their own fund with the Bone Cancer Research Trust:

I decided to raise funds along with the help of friends and family as the journey I have been through has shown me that there are those less fortunate with their treatment. Seeing a 14-year-old who has lost his arm but is still smiling and hearing of those being given life expectancies instead of end of treatment dates truly breaks your heart. Without the work of the Bone Cancer Research Trust, I would not have the curative diagnosis that I have.

Sam, Sam's Fund

We want to raise money for the development of more treatment and immunotherapies that will allow children like Freddie to have a chance at fighting this awful disease. The Bone Cancer Research Trust has some promising projects, they've been so supportive and are trying to make this happen, but we need your help to help them achieve this and this is why we set up Freddie's Future. Help us help children like Freddie by funding the amazing work that's being done to beat Ewing sarcoma.

Nicole and William, Freddie's Future

Frank would never have wanted any child to suffer as he suffered. If his death is to have any meaning at all, it needs to be to help people who are diagnosed in the future by raising funds that can be invested in much-needed research.

Louise, Mike and Maisy Ashton, Frank's Fund

We hope that Liberty would be proud of what we have achieved so far. She had so much to give and deserved so much more. Through Liberty's Legacy, her name will live on and allow us to bring Liberty into the future with us and give honour and meaning to her life. We didn't ever think it would be our child either, until it was.

Karen, Darren and Olivia Schurer, Liberty's Legacy

We have spent the last 12 years working hard to support the Bone Cancer Research Trust. We wanted to make a difference by setting up a Special Fund to help support vital research with the most friendly, vibrant, hard-working charity - a charity that has supported us an incredible amount. Supporting smaller charities makes an enormous contribution to the specialist projects they are able to fund and means that Al's memory lives on. He was an inspiration as a twin, brother, son, and friend. A fine young man.

Flick, Al's sister, The Al Dawson Tribute Fund

If you would like more information about Special Funds and how to set one up, visit our brand-new dedicated hub:

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