Did you know that many of our events are made possible thanks to the support of corporate sponsors?

Laura Stockley, from the digital marketing agency Stockley & Turner, tells us why sponsorship is her way of making a difference.

How did you become involved with the Bone Cancer Research Trust?

In 2021, my nephew Miles was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. The feeling of helplessness that I experienced was beyond disheartening at times, despite his resolve and positivity.

Our family found out about the charity and the incredible work that was taking place, from research and awareness to support groups and events.

Why did you become a corporate sponsor?

After attending the Bone Cancer Conference, we were blown away by how amazing the event was, and even more so that corporate sponsorship enabled it to happen.

I took home a Bone Cancer Ball brochure and my partner, Martin, said we should become a sponsor through our marketing agency. Having seen the difference that the charity makes to families and patients, it was an easy decision for us.

The ball was incredible, I don't think we've ever met so many likeminded people united by the same cause. The emotion throughout the room was on another level, and we can't wait to sponsor the ball again this year.

What message would you like to give to other businesses?

We have seen first-hand the difference that this charity and its sponsors make, as well as the devastating reality of bone cancer. Miles passed away on New Years Eve in 2022 aged just 15, and this is a cause that will always remain close to our hearts.

Sponsoring the Bone Cancer Research Trust is something that you and your business can be proud of. It is an amazing charity, and one we will support forever.

Sponsors like Stockley & Turner help cover the cost of our events, so that we can direct even more funding into research. As well as helping patients, you'll be spotlighting your brand to over 212,000 social media followers too!

Does your company or employer sponsor events? Contact events@bcrt.org.uk to find out more about how you could get involved.