Sally Saunders will complete a year of fundraising for the Bone Cancer Research Trust by climbing Mount Snowdon as part of her recovery from chondrosarcoma.

The summit will mark one year of fundraisers, from bucket collections and quizzes to raffles and family fun days... all whilst Sally was recovering from treatment.

Together with her two friends Naomi and Laura, Sally has raised an incredible £8,344 and counting towards our vital work.

To round off her fundraising, Sally will be joined by 25 members of her family and friends to tackle Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, on September 9th 2023.

Commenting on her unique road to recovery, Sally shared:

I know that my life won't ever be the same again, but I'm hoping a new normal will still enable me to tackle Snowdon and make it to the summit. If nothing else, the challenge will be the motivation that I need to get back on my feet.

Louise Everett, Regional Relationship Manager at the Bone Cancer Research Trust, said:

Sally's strength and determination not only to make a full recovery, but to do so whilst fundraising for our charity, is truly inspirational. It's people like Sally who make our vital work possible, and we can't thank her enough for all her incredible support.

Prior to her diagnosis, Sally was a keen runner and wild swimmer who loved spending time in the great outdoors.

She began to develop symptoms in 2021, which started with a pain in her thigh that would come and go and worsened at night. As Sally was very active, she initially put this down to overexercising.

Sally visited her GP, who referred her for physiotherapy, which did not help. She also tried sports massages, ibuprofen gel and acupuncture to try and alleviate the pain.

Following an x-ray at her local centre and further tests at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (ROH) in Birmingham, Sally was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma in her thigh bone (femur).

Whilst this meant that Sally's love for fitness had to take a step back, she was determined to get back on her feet again and begin fundraising.

Following treatment, which involved two major surgeries and intensive physiotherapy, Sally began working her way towards a target of £10,000 with 12 months of fundraising.

There's still time to show Sally your support by visiting her JustGiving page:

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