Receiving a bone cancer diagnosis can often leave patients feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed by the amount of information that's out there.

To help, we have created a series of PIF-certified healthcare resources to guide patients through their journey – from prognosis and treatment to follow-up care and life beyond cancer.

What's more, we're aware that finding trustworthy healthcare information can be tricky. With the PIF tick, patients and their caregivers can be sure the information they are receiving is clear, accessible, and based on reliable evidence.

To ensure our information meets the needs of the bone cancer community, we enlisted the help of people with lived experience to improve our information.

Nicole Croft pictured above with her son, Freddie, who was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma at just six years old, commented:

We were catapulted into a world that is not only terrifying, but to add to the stress of the situation, we did not understand it as it was all so scientific and something we had never experienced before. The oncologists explain it in great detail, but you are flooded with so much information in a short space of time when your brain can barely function. To have the resources to go, as and when you need them, is so beneficial.

Jenny Wick works as a community matron and frailty lead for the NHS. Her son, Sam, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma when he was 20. Jenny shared:

It's a very difficult subject to address and I am aware that on diagnosis, 'googling' is your first port of call and it's reassuring to have the breadth and depth of information in one place. Some parents and children I've met along this journey want more information than others. I think the resources are pitched correctly.

This year, the first goal was to update our resources about Ewing sarcoma, to ensure they met the criteria of the PIF certification. This included updates to the following information:

  • Key points about Ewing sarcoma leaflet
  • Ewing sarcoma webpage
  • Information for healthcare professionals booklet
  • Your guide to Ewing sarcoma booklet (re-launched March 2023)

Our newly-launched resources are completely free and available in a variety of formats to suit your needs – including printed leaflets, booklets, downloadable PDFs, and webpages.

You can request copies of our printed resources by:

  • Calling our Support & Information Service on 0800 111 4855
  • Emailing or
  • Visiting the link below:

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