It is with great sadness that we have been informed of the death of John Dealey, one of the founding Trustees of the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

John and his wife, Marion lost their son, Adam, to Ewing sarcoma in 1995, after a very short illness. As a result, they created the Adam Dealey Foundation to raise money for research into Ewing sarcoma. They were very successful at raising money, but found it difficult to know how to support research.

In 2005 John joined Professor Ian Lewis and several other bereaved families in Leeds, discussing how to start research into primary bone cancer. Whilst many of these families were keen to fund research into osteosarcoma, John was delighted that the money raised through the Adam Dealey Foundation supported the awarding of the Bone Cancer Research Trust’s first grant to Professor John Anderson. This research project was focused on exploring immunotherapy as a potential treatment in Ewing sarcoma, an area that is generating much interest today.

John was a Trustee of the Bone Cancer Research Trust from 2006 until 2017, being very actively involved in all aspects of the charity including still attending our 2022 South Bone Cancer Conference. He was a tireless supporter, and the Adam Dealey Foundation continues to support the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

John and Marion can be very proud of their roles in getting the charity off the ground and John’s continuing work on behalf of the Bone Cancer Research Trust until he retired as a Trustee in 2017.

John will be remembered for his tireless work in initiating research into Ewing sarcoma at the Bone Cancer Research Trust and for his dedication to supporting other families facing primary bone cancer. His efforts have been significant in getting the charity to the position that it is in today, for which everyone involved in the Bone Cancer Research Trust are very grateful.

All at Bone Cancer Research Trust send our condolences to John's wife and family.