To date, the Bone Cancer Research Trust has committed £3.9 million to research; our current portfolio includes the following types of awards:

Since 2006, we have assessed 191 research applications, involving approximately 380 peer reviewers in the UK and across the world.


We fund research at institutions across the UK. In 2019, we introduced our first International Explorer Grant, the outcome of this funding call will be announced in the Summer of 2020. Figure 1 indicates the number of research projects we have funded across the different UK regions since 2006.

Primary bone cancer research area and types of primary bone cancer

The Bone Cancer Research Trust supports research into all forms of Primary Bone Cancer. Figure 2 breaks down the projects we have funded by primary bone cancer type. Most of our awarded grants aim to find a cure for Primary Bone Cancer, we also support projects that investigate the causes of Primary Bone Cancer and support improvements to the care options for our patients. Figure 3 indicates the percentage of funding dedicated to each of those categories.

Application success rates:

We have maintained an overall success rate of 48%. In the early years since our charity was established, percentages of success were high; however, we also received less applications. More recently, the success rates have decreased; yet, is worth noticing that, particularly in 2018 and 2019, we received a larger number of applications, so as a result, although we have maintained our commitment proportionally, the success rates have gone down.

The increased number of applications for funding received by the Bone Cancer Research Trust in recent years is a positive sign and evidences a growing community of Primary Bone Cancer researchers.