Our Current Grant Programme:

The Bone Cancer Research Trust supports innovative and creative research that has the potential to make an impact into the lives of Primary Bone Cancer Patients. Funding is available for researchers at all career stages, working at an institution in the UK, Co-Applicants and Collaborators may be based elsewhere. For International calls, eligibility is extended to researchers working at any institution, not just the UK.

We fund research into all forms of primary bone cancer; although some funding calls are limited to specific types Primary Bone Cancer. Projects may focus on any or multiple forms of Primary Bone Cancer; however, following consultation with our patients, their families and supporters; quality of life or epidemiology-based projects are not currently being considered.

All our funding calls are announced on our website and social media channels.


  • Up to the value of £20,000-25,000.
  • Ideas grants can be used to collect preliminary data for a larger application, or to demonstrate the validity of a hypothesis/study.
  • Available for bursaries for undergraduates to undertake a research project.

INFRASTRUCTURE GRANTS-Support for sample collection

  • Funding is available for surgical centres to support the collection of patient specimens and to prepare and store samples to be sent to active, ethically approved research projects.
  • Up to the value of £25,000 -The level of funding available varies depending on the number of patient samples collected by the centre.
  • Once awarded, continuation of funding up to 5 years will be reviewed yearly and will depend on the success of the previous year in collecting and sharing samples for research.


  • Up to the value of £70,000.
  • Explorer grants can be used to further substantiate studies for which some preliminary work/consolidated hypothesis/demonstrated interest already exists.
  • We particularly welcome applications focusing on the rarer forms of Primary Bone Cancer, or applications that demonstrate a strong element of collaboration.
  • These grants should not be used to support PhD studentships.
  • Research can be done in any area of laboratory and medical/surgical research from discovery to implementation.
  • The projects must demonstrate clear relevance to primary bone cancer.
  • The perceived outcomes should lead to a significant advance in our understanding of Primary Bone Cancer and therefore, have a positive impact into patients’ lives.


  • Up to the value of £170,000.
  • For committed Primary Bone Cancer researchers that wish to acquire a PhD/MD qualification.
  • The principal investigator or candidate may apply.
  • The grant will fund up to 4 years of study.


  • For committed post-doctoral candidates that want to establish themselves as leading Bone Cancer researchers.
  • Funding can be used to provide data for larger/program funding applications or to further substantiate studies for which some preliminary work/ consolidated hypothesis /demonstrated interest already exists.
  • The applicant must apply.
  • The grant will fund up to 3 years of study.


  • These grants support research that has reached a point of development to be progressed from the laboratory to patients.


  • Up to the value of £3000.
  • We provide funding to enable researchers to learn new skills through short-term laboratory visits.
  • Funding is also available to attend conferences where new research findings are presented.
  • Available to all Primary Bone Cancer researchers based at a recognised UK institution. There are no limitations based on career development stage; however, applications from early stage career researchers are particularly encouraged.

If you require any further information or have any queries regarding our grant programme or the grant types we fund, please contact a member of our research team at research@bcrt.org.uk