Professor Sue Burchill and her team have worked closely with the Bone Cancer Research Trust since 2008; funding research which aims to find novel targets for the design of new therapies to treat Ewing sarcoma.

Professor Burchill and her team hope to identify novel agents that have no toxic side-effects but increase cure rates when in combination with current treatments. Increasing our understanding of the reasons why current treatments fail, targeting cancer cells to kill them as early as possible and developing agents that induce cell death are all ways in which Professor Burchill and her team plan to develop new treatment options for Ewing sarcoma patients.

What are the aims of this research project?

The models this team use in the laboratory are excellent tools to test these ideas to target aggressive metastatic disease. However, they do not allow the research team to investigate the early-initiating events in the development of Ewing sarcoma. Developing a model system that allows the initial steps in the formation of Ewing sarcoma to be identified will allow prevention of such steps and the development of aggressive, metastatic disease that is seen in patients with advanced or relapsed tumours.

This project was funded in 2010

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