Patient samples offer the best way to study primary bone cancer in order to understand what is causing these cancers to develop and how we may treat them.

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham sees many patients with malignant bone cancer, however at present the centre find it difficult to ensure samples are collected from patients for research. Sample collection is challenging as this is a complex and time consuming activity.

This grant will allow the team at Birmingham to ensure all patients are given the chance to contribute to research, through a process overseen by a dedicated tissue collection co-ordinator and tissue sample technician.

The team will work with the current research nurses to ensure all patients with primary bone cancer are offered the chance to donate samples for research, and if so, that these samples are collected from the theatre and processed, labelled and stored appropriately. They will also ensure that samples are sent to active, ethically approved research projects, such as the 100,000 Genomes project and the BCRT funded chondrosarcoma biomarker and Ewing sarcoma PREDICT projects.

Research using patient samples and linked medical anonymised data gives the best insight in to primary bone cancer in order to make steps in improving treatments and outcomes for patients.

Birmingham will join the other 4 primary bone cancer surgical centres to form a collaborative network, which will collect and share samples to fuel world class research.