During our primary bone cancer awareness week in October 2015, the Bone Cancer Research Trust partnered with the Royal College of General Practitioners to devise the first ever primary bone cancer e-learning module for GPs and other healthcare professionals.

It is very common that a GP may have never seen or treated a case of primary bone cancer and therefore many patients visit their GP numerous times before receiving a diagnosis. Early diagnosis is a crucial factor in giving patients the best possible outcome and this e-learning module hopes to improve the knowledge and understanding of primary bone cancer to improve the diagnostic experience for patients.

Since launching, participants taking the free module have reported their knowledge to have increased by an average of 70%; a fantastic step in raising awareness and knowledge in regard to this rare cancer. The course provides new, up to date, information about primary bone cancer symptoms and the 'red-flags' to look out for, detailed patient case-studies and the best methods of diagnosis to identify this cancer as early as possible.

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To learn more about this project, read reviews from those taking the module and view our statistics on course competitions, please visit our webpage dedicated to the GP e-learning module here.

If you are a GP, or other healthcare professional, who wishes to take our free e-learning course, please click here.

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