Osteosarcoma is the second most common form of primary bone cancer and can be characterised by intense bone pain and a risk of the tumour spreading elsewhere in the body.

Hence, investigating a treatment strategy which targets these two aspects of osteosarcoma is very promising in providing patients with a better quality-of-life and an improved long-term outlook.

Dr Idris and his team at The University of Sheffield are currently investigating the role of a protein known as Semaphorin-3A, which is involved in the regulation of tumour progression, growth and spread. This research aims to gain a better understanding of how Semaphorin-3A is functioning in osteosarcomas and this proteins influence on the development, spread and associated bone pain of this cancer.

Data previously collected by Dr Idris confirms that the removal of Semaphorin-3A increases the formation and migration of tumour cells. Further investigation of Semaphorin-3A’s expression levels and function, while testing the behaviour of the tumour following the depletion or enhancement of this protein, will improve the knowledge of osteosarcoma development in the research community and offer the prospect of targeting Semaphorin-3A as a novel treatment strategy.

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