It is now widely accepted in the medical field that in order to make major advances in the treatment of cancer, each patient should receive an individualised treatment plan tailored specifically to them.

This is known as personalised medicine. Patients have their cancer assessed in a laboratory to determine which treatment strategy the patient is likely to respond best too before beginning their treatment schedule.

Unfortunately, this process does not assess the tumours’ microenvironment. The tumour microenvironment contains many different types of cells and molecules which may alter how the tumour behaves and how a patient responds to therapy. Therefore, the current methods may not accurately predict how a patient is going to respond to a therapy.

This project, led by Dr Scott Roberts, aims to create a 'Chimeric Osteosarcoma Model (COM)', which will assess the tumour alongside the tumour microenvironment to create a new osteosarcoma patient-specific model of testing and more accurately predict the effects of therapies.

If successful, the technology behind the 'Chimeric Osteosarcoma Model (COM)' is far reaching and has great potential to form better preclinical assessments of patients, ensuring they are receiving the best possible treatment for them as an individual.

Research into progressing personalised medicine as the future of cancer therapy brings great vision and hope to those with osteosarcoma, while increasing our knowledge of the disease and ways in which to therapeutically target this cancer.

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